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¾ inch clear stone

  • ¾ inch clear stone A washed stone that contains no filler material or sand and is commonly used for driveways, under weeping tiles for drainage.

¾ inch crusher run

  • ¾ inch crusher run Crushed stone combined with stone dust, it makes for a useful base under patio stones and driveways.

1 ½ to 5 inch river rock

  • 1 ½ to 5 inch river rock Natural decorative stones between 1 ½ to 5 inch in size, commonly used for landscaping gardens, and in pond linings.

2 inch crusher run

  • 2 inch crusher run Crushed stone of 2 Inch screened size, commonly used as base under patio stones, bricks, and driveways.

3 to 6 inch river rock

  • 3 to 6 inch river rock Natural decorative stones between 3 to 6 inch in size, commonly used for landscaping gardens and to line ponds.

6 to 12 inch gabion stone

  • 6 to 12 inch gabion stone Large stones of 6 to 12 inch, commonly used for retaining structures, and they have an added decorative purpose.

Beach sand

  • Beach sand Washed and fine sand commonly used in playgrounds, golf courses or to decorate lakefront properties.

Black cedar mulch

  • Black cedar mulch Pure quality mulch that retains humidity, inhibits weeds and is a healthy option for garden plants.

Brown cedar mulch

  • Brown cedar mulch Of pure quality and vibrant colour, this helps to aerate soil, prevent weeds and diseases, and improve soil moisture.

Red cedar mulch

  • Red cedar mulch Pure quality, commonly used to embellish flower beds as it helps to prevent weeds, repel certain insects and pests, and retain soil moisture.

Crushed concrete

  • Crushed concrete Mixture of asphalt debris and other construction materials, commonly used for pathways, driveways, and garden beds.

Granular A

  • Granular A Mixture of sand, crushed rock, reclaimed asphalt, it is commonly used for levelling the base of driveways and roads.

Natural cedar mulch

  • Natural cedar mulch Fresh mulch commonly used to prevent weed growth, retain soil moisture, and repel insects and pests.

Pea stone

  • Pea stone Smooth, decorative stones of varying sizes, commonly used for landscaping gardens, patios, and ponds.

Recycled asphalt

  • Recycled asphalt An environment-friendly option by which old asphalt crushed, milled, and heated to be used again for paving roads and parking lots.


  • Topsoil The uppermost layer of soil that is rich in nutrient content and used for creating potting mixes and for levelling lawns.

Triple mix

  • Triple mix Mixture of select materials like compost and soil, this helps prevent weeds and promotes plant growth.

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